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Pool Play Gear | Interactive Toys

We currently stock a range of high-end swimming pool play gear, each one designed to take the fun of the pool to a whole new level for young swimmers. Any of these items would make an excellent central play item at a smaller commercial or larger residential pool, designed to be eye-catching with both their bright design and their play features.
At the smaller end of our play gear, we offer plinth items of different animals that provide a nice little design feature at the side of a pool. We also offer fun slides of varying sizes that offer a completely different dimension to your pool, with water slides an enduring favourite for children and young people of all ages.
Beyond the more standard features of plinths and slides, we offer a range of more adventurous play gear such as interactive animals and giant taps, designed to provide hours of fun with features such as mechanical hand pumps and water spray nozzles. These are the sort of features that will set your pool apart in terms of being a place where children want to spend hours playing and splashing around.
Beyond the fun element, each of our items are also safe, durable and cost-effective. We make sure to stock only the most respected brands in the industry so you can have full confidence in the investment you’re making as you add larger play gear to your indoor or outdoor pool. Each of these items is quite different in terms of features, installation and functionality. We’re happy to speak to you in more detail about finding exactly the right play item for your swimming pool.