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Fluvo X-Jet Counter Currents

The Fluvo X-Jet high power counter-current unit provides a challenging current to swim against in outdoor or indoor pools. It can serve as a highly functional and useful item for any home or commercial health setup, offering an enjoyable way to exercise. The Fluvo X-jet unleashes a pressure current which the user can swim into for a prolonged period while remaining in the same place. It’s effectively the swimming equivalent of a treadmill, with an adjustable current rate for differing workout levels.
The Fluvo X-Jet high power counter-current unit is an award-winning unit, recognised for its innovation and design quality. The item is suitable for families, both young users and old, with jets able to be installed next to one another in the same pool, allowing for multiple people to use the unit and swim together at the same time. The Fluvo X-jet was designed to be easy to use and maintain, with an importance placed on providing an item that is consistent in its performance over long periods, durable and energy-efficient.
There are additional features with the Fluvo X-Jet, such as an automatic touch pad allowing the counter current to be easily programmed and monitored. The unit includes two motors, both of 2.2kw, as well as featuring an extremely flat construction with a height of only 25 mm, meaning that the unit can also be effectively installed in shallower pools. It is also designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards, ensuring that it can be used by swimmers of all ages with the utmost peace of mind.
We’d be happy to speak to you in more detail about the installation, operation and maintenance of the Fluvo X-Jet counter current unit, helping you to find the ideal model for you depending on the particular characteristics of your pool setup.