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Fluvo Water Features

We stock a range of overhead jets and water curtains within the Fluvo water features range, designed to give you an excellent additional poolside feature. Using Fluvo water features, you are able to create a fusion of water, air and light to give a luxurious waterfall or shower effect in any indoor or outdoor pool. Fluvo have been an industry leader for years, winning various awards due to their expertise in making swing pool equipment which are innovative, durable and very easy to maintain, doing all this while still managing energy saving levels of up to 80%.
The brand has also made a stand in ensuring that their products meet the highest standards set in the market, for needs varying from public pools, private pools and even more professional level demands. Fluvo water features come in many forms to ensure that all your swimming pool needs are attended to. From durable attraction pumps and efficient motors to powerful counter current swimming systems, swim jet systems to water surge systems, they set the standard.
The features can also be installed in hydrotherapy complexes for their hydro massage systems. To create the ultimate water experiences with a water curtain, there are a range of features such as LED lighting technology and underwater spotlights which can help to create a host of inspirational visual effects that can set your pool apart and make it the desire of many.
These effects are particularly impressive combined with lighting at night time, a showstopper in indoor and outdoor pools alike. The water curtain feature also offers a feeling of luxury and even potential health benefits, as it can provide a relaxing massage when stood under, as well as making the pool very attractive and classy. Take a look through the range of Fluvo water feature options and you’ll find some fantastic investments for your pool.