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Fluvo Domestic Counter Current Units

The Fluvo domestic counter current unit is manufactured by one of the most respected brands on the market, with the C2 Compact model devised and ideally suited for private swimming pools. It is a closed coupled unit which should be mounted directly at one of the end walls of the pool. Designed to provide a good swim against the current, this item will enable you to work out in the comfort of your own private swimming pool, giving you all the opportunities you need to stay fit and healthy while enjoying a good swim.
The unit features separate rotary buttons to adjust air and water movements, providing a choice of settings intended for the user to gauge the level of air and water that delivers the counter current for your water workout. From a light ripple to an intense surge, the Fluvo C2 Compact is a domestic counter current unit designed for and capable of facilitating a challenging fitness workout. Equally, it can be setup for a relaxed and peaceful swim, and has the added benefit of combining the activity you desire with the added bonus of giving the user an excellent water massage, targeting different muscles to deliver a full body reflex zone massage.
There is also the flexible option of being able to add bubbles and other water features to this amazing swimming system. For instance, the counter current unit with water massaging system, or the counter current unit with the lovely water curtain. The Fluvo domestic counter current units, including the C2 Compact model, offer a reasonable selection of Rondo faceplates in versions of stainless steel or white plastic.
Whichever of the Fluvo models you prefer, they are guaranteed to help you stay well exercised and relaxed by providing you with an ideal home swimming workout on a level that suits a range of different intensities depending on each swimmers requirements; it’s suitable for all.