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Fluvo Counter Current Units

Fluvo are a leading model in the field of counter current units, with their CG700 model one of the highest quality swimming units on the market, allowing you to swim against a continuous current with ease and efficiency. It is designed for excellent performance in a range of swimming pools and comes with Rondo faceplates and separate rotary buttons for water and air adjustment.
The different rotary switches for air and water currents provide you a range of options to find the exact desired setting. The technical excellence of the Fluvo units, combined with their durability, make these counter current units a wise investment, not only for your enjoyment but also for your health. With the counter current unit acting as the water equivalent of a treadmill, you can potentially swim miles in even the smallest pool, providing fantastic exercise benefits.
The CG700 remote model of the Fluvo counter current units feature a 1.5kW motor, switchgear cabinet, installation kit, rondo faceplate and separate rotary buttons. These features provide you with consistent quality that enhances your experience during swimming, whether you’re looking for gentle relaxation or a more intense workout.
In addition the Fluvo units come with separate rotary buttons for the air and water adjustment, while the hoses on the back of the unit going towards its pump can be easily mounted. The remote unit can be located up to 5m away from the pool wall, and for ease of use and maintenance, as well as pure relaxation in the pool, a Fluvo counter current unit is one of the best options.
Another great feature is its circular hand grip, which provides support in getting the right setting and efficiently maintaining the massage position. All in all, the CG700 model of the Fluvo unit is a fantastic option for a counter current setup, allowing you to set the water current just the way you would like it. Whether an intense front crawl or a relaxed paddle, this unit offers you every kind of conceivable swimming comfort and pleasure, making it a great long-term investment.