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Endless Pools Fastlane

Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current Unit
The Endless Pools Fastlane counter current unit is a popular item, widely known for ideally suiting any type of swimming pool, whether indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial. It is able to be installed as a retro-fit or a new construction, in pools using materials such as fibre glass or vinyl, with two colour options available in our current range; silver acrylic and sapphire blue.
In addition, the Endless Pools Fastlane counter current unit needs to operate at a water depth of 35” minimum, with a propeller that is 16” in size. It is also remote controlled, and features a range of adjustable speed settings able to cater to all swimming levels. Its installation and maintenance is easy; simply roll the Fastlane unit across your pool deck and lower it into the water. With simple hydraulics, its operation does not require electricity at the poolside.
The various Endless Pools Fastlane models are perfect for a long swim without having to move from your initial spot. You can adjust the Fastlane unit depending on your desired length and pace of swim, with children also able to enjoy using the Fastlane counter current as the speed can be adjusted according to each individual user’s preference.
The Fastlane works by hanging from one side of the pool, utilising a two-part system. Firstly, it has a power unit that is hydraulic that controls the current. Secondly, it has the swim unit made of stainless steel that can be mounted on the poolside, with these separate parts connected using hydraulic hoses that keep electricity away from the water.
The swim unit has a waterproof hydraulic motor that powers up the 16” propeller. It also has a channelling system that stabilises the current and keeps it as a smooth continuous flow. For additional energy-efficiency and environmental value, it’s worth noting that the power unit is fuelled using biodegradable vegetable oil. Take a look through our range and we’re confident you’ll find excellent counter current unit options that will lead to many years of productive use.