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Certikin Counter Current Unit

Designed for all types of swimming pools, the Certikin counter current unit can help to keep you fit as it creates the ability to swim against a current. The perfect solution for setting up a small pool that you want to use as your exercising regime to get fit, the Certikin counter current unit can be fitted in most indoor swimming pool facilities. It generates a counter current in the water where you swim against this flow of hydro force in a static fashion. This means that you can effectively stay in one place while swimming against the water like a treadmill, with different settings allowing you to get an intense workout or gentle swim depending on your needs.
The top quality auto prime pumps used by Certikin allow their units to accomplish maximum output with minimum noise levels. The air and water volume output is controlled by directional inlets situated on the face plate assembly. For most effective use, the Certikin counter current unit should be positioned around 300mm below the surface of the water. The inlet, where the air enters through a tube should be placed vertically and kept above the water level of the pool.
This revolutionary equipment means that not much space is needed to get your workout done, with the Certikin counter current unit able to run for as long as you need in even the smallest of residential pools. Its durability and excellent performance allows you to swim as long and as far as you want to, clocking up miles while remaining in one spot. These units also have the ability to create bubbles which can help to relax and massage tense muscles.
They are available for prefabricated pools as well as concrete or liner pools, and make for a fantastic health and exercise solution for any home pool setup. These products are made by one of the most respected brands on the market and we’re delighted to have them in our range.