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Whether you are using a swimming pool or a spa, a sauna, hot tub or steam room, they each offer fantastic benefits in terms of wellness and health benefits, whether through exercise or relaxation.  Once you have ensured that your pool is safe, clean and well maintained, it allows you to enjoy all of the health benefits that can come from pool facilities, so we’ve made sure to stock an excellent selection of items from the most reputable brands in the industry.


One of the major health and wellness items in our range is the selection counter current units that allow you to have a full swim workout in a compact home pool. There are fantastic benefits to these facilities, whether you’re enjoying a soak in a light current through to an intense swim against a strong current. There are obviously benefits to swimming as an exercise, but the massaging effects of the current provide a range of additional health benefits to relax the muscles and stimulate metabolism and circulation.


There are also items such as water curtains which provide a luxurious feature that really sets your pool apart with its look and function. Not only does the waterfall effect look fantastic, especially when lit up, but spending time underneath the waterfall can also provide a massaging effect with health and wellness benefits.


Many of our counter current units are designed by Certikin for use in all types of swimming pools, a perfect solution for setting up a small pool that you want to use as your exercising regime. Not only does the unit generate a counter current in the water to allow you to have a swim workout in limited space, the top quality auto prime pumps used by Certikin also allow their units to accomplish maximum output with the minimum noise levels. So your health and wellness experience can be further enhanced by the peaceful feel of low noise levels.


All in all, the quality of our health and wellness range speak for themselves, so if you take a look through our range of different categories, you’ll find some excellent options for a long-term investment whether for a residential environmental or a commercial health facility.

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