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Water Quality Test Kits & Tablets

If you own a swimming pool, you should consider water quality as a top priority. You can obviously judge a lot about the clarity of the water or the amount of debris in it by just looking, but to check the chemical makeup of the water, you’ll need to use a swimming pool water quality test kit.

When you have the water tested regularly you are helping to protect the surrounding environment and the people who use your water from harmful pollutants and contaminants. Buying a good water quality test kit saves you having to bring a sample of it to a water treatment facility and pay technicians there to test it for you; it’s never been easier to maintain ideal water quality.

At-home water quality tests will give you a good indication of what chemicals and minerals are in your water and whether it is safe. There are two main forms of water quality test kits: the dropper water testing kit and the test strips testing kits. The kits will help determine the pH levels of your water and also tell you what is in it.

– Dropper Water Testing Kit: A dropper water testing kit makes use of an eyedropper and specific reagents. You must isolate a sample of your water supply in a clear glass or Petri dish and use the dropper to place the reagent in the sample. If the reagent turns the sample a different colour, it is an indication that the harmful substance you are searching for is found in your water sample.

– Test Strips: There are many kinds of test strip water quality test kits, and each of them focuses on a particular substance. All you have to do to use a test strip kit is to purchase a strip that looks for the mineral or chemical you are worried about and exposes the strip to your water source. If the substance you’re looking for is found in the water sample you provide, the strip will change colour.

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