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UV Water Treatment Systems

Swimming pool UV water treatment systems have become popular nowadays. UV light utilises a physical process of disrupting the DNA of any harmful micro-organisms in your pool water and stopping any negative impact. This is a highly effective process that cleans the pool water in a way many more traditional chemical treatments cannot.

Powerful UV rays sanitise water as it passes through an enclosed chamber in the pool facility. The treated water is then allowed to circulate back out into the swimming pool, creating a healthy and fresh swimming environment. UV sanitation is among the best disinfection techniques, using UV-C (short wavelength UV light) to immobilise or kill many pathogens. Some microorganisms that can been destroyed using this method include protozoa, bacteria, viruses and algae. Even pathogens that resistant to chlorine such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia and E. Coli can be eliminated using UV sanitation.

Another advantage is that UV systems do not leave any residual chemical in the pool water, unlike chlorine or bromine tablets or granules. The pool owner can continue to add chlorine because the UV sanitizer only treats water as it passes through its chamber, but it will require a much reduced dosage because of the level to which the UV pool system is eliminating chloramines, bacteria, and algae. Having an efficient UV system, adequate turnover, and proper filtration will help the pool owner to maintain the recommended levels of pool water quality.

The system features inbuilt lamps that produce the UV light. As water flows via the unit, it is passed over those lamps. Various lamps produce varying wavelengths of UV light to attack different harmful substances in the water. A unique quartz glass sleeve protects the lights from the pool water. Contaminants can sometimes clog the sleeve, so you’ll need to check and clean it every so often, but this isn’t too complicated.

The lamps used in the UV water treatment systems are either medium or low pressure. Medium pressure lamps are specifically designed to eradicate chloramines. Low-pressure lamps help to kill bacteria. Medium pressure lamps are ideal for big commercial pool installations due to their high sanitation capabilities. Low-pressure lamps are designed for residential applications due to their reduced electricity use and initial cost. Medium pressure lamps are more efficient at lowering chloramines and boosting the air quality than low-pressure lamps.

The standard lifetime for the lamps ranges from 8,000 hours to 10,000 hours. Modern pool UV systems include an indicator that warns the user when the lamp is almost completing its lifespan. In summary, swimming pool UV water treatment systems are recognised as one of the most reliable and efficient methods for killing pathogens in pool water. They’d be an excellent purchase to raise the standard of any pool cleaning system.

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