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Stabilised Chlorine Granules & Tablets

Any swimming pool owner needs to be aware of the right maintenance that needs to be applied to their pool for proper use. While some domestic pools may be used a lot less frequently than big commercial pools, every pool needs to treat their water properly to keep it clean for longer lasting function. The most trusted way of ensuring that it is well taken care of is to use chlorine granules in its cleaning, and chlorine stabilisers offer a further step in ensuring their effectiveness.

Chlorine granules for swimming pool cleaning are common, as it is an effective and readily available product in the market. The main ingredient in chlorine granules is sodium dichloroisocyanurate, with around 50% chlorine content. This ingredient is sometimes called troclosene sodium dehydrate and appears as white solid granules.

With a pH value of around 7, it is considered as a neutral cleaning product that should not affect the pH value of the water. It is therefore considered a safe and reliable cleaning product that doesn’t harm swimmers’ skin or risk damage to their eyes. Besides chlorine, these granules also have cyanurate stabilizer, which prevents the chlorine being broken up by sunlight.

Stabilized chlorine granules for pool usage offers many benefits and uses. It can be used as a shock treatment or sanitiser where water is regularly emptied. These granules are easily soluble which helps to boost the level of chlorine easily when needed. The price is very affordable and ensures that pool owners are able to maintain the condition of their pool or hot tub for a longer period.

There are many diverse chemicals, which are suggested and needed for pool maintenance. Cloudy pool water is unpleasant to swim in, and can also be a sign that it is hazardous to swim in and may be a home to viruses and bacteria, which can cause infections or illness. Consequently, it’s absolutely vital to help keep your pool clean as well as clear by making use of pool clarifiers and cleaners, and our range of chlorine stabilisers and tablets allows the chlorine to continue work effectively for as long as possible.

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