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Pool Shock Treatment

During pool chlorination, chlorine molecules are exposed to bacteria and other undesired substances. Once these chemicals combine, they form Chloramine, which is dead chlorine. Swimming pool shock treatment is the removal/destruction of chloramine by an addition of an oxidising compound or compounds. The shock will oxidise chloramine element to gas. That may sound a complex process, but water shock basically refers to the cleaning agent dealing with unwanted bacteria.

Different types of pool shock treatments exist in the market, including:

– Calcium Hypochlorite: With 65% Chlorine content, it is the most common pool shock and also the cheapest. Before adding to the pool water, you are required to further dilute it to avoid bleaching. It dissolves slowly and may not fully dissolve by the time it reaches the bottom of the pool. You are therefore recommended to wait for eight hours before swimming.

– Lithium Hypochlorite: The use of this shock treatment is in areas with high calcium content in water. It has 35% chlorine content and is more expensive, but it does not require pre-dissolving. However, you will also need to wait for at least eight hours before you can swim. You should apply this shock at night.

– Di-Chlor Granular Chlorine: A granular chlorine has 60% chlorine and can be poured directly into the water. It contains chlorine stabilizer (cyanuric acid) which protects chlorine from direct sun. This shock does not require pre-dissolving and can be used for regular shock treatments and chlorine dosages. It is fairly expensive and again requires you to wait eight hours before swimming in the pool.

– Potassium Peroxymonosulfate: Unlike other shocks, this can be used in both bromine and chlorine pools. It is more expensive, but is more adaptable and faster acting. Once applied, it only takes 15 minutes before you can swim again.

Always remember to put on protective eye-wear and gloves when using these products.

To dissolve quickly use warm water.

We’re happy to speak to you to offer any further advice on the right product for your pool.

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