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Chlorine Granules

Your domestic or commercial pool is designed to cater for the swimming needs of all its users and be available for swimming whenever it’s required. To ensure this is the case, a primary concern is your water quality and using the correct water treatments. There are different kinds of chemicals that can be used to maintain the best levels of quality for your pool water, with swimming pool chlorine granules the most common and familiar option.

The swimming pool chlorine granules are one of many different chlorine based sanitisers made for the average swimming pool, and they offer many benefits. They help in keeping the pool water clean and safe by getting rid of any bacteria that could be in the water. You can rest assured that your water is clean with the proper use of chlorine granules and hence you will manage to enjoy your pool without worrying about any infections from the contaminants that could be in the water. The correct water treatment helps in keeping your family healthy and happy.

The swimming pool chlorine granules come packaged in different quantities, with the amounts required generally dependent on the size of your pool. The other major factor would be the frequency of use, with commercial pools that have a steady stream of swimmers every day needing more regular water treatment, but it’s still important in domestic pools.

You can purchase anything from a one-kilogram pack all the way to 20 kilos of the same. The granules are usually placed on a floating dispenser or slimmer basket then allowed to dissolve slowly. It will normally take a few days for the chlorine granules to dissolve completely into the water and achieve the desired water value, but once they’ve begun to take effect, water quality should be maintained.