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Bromine Tablets & Granules

The main use of bromine tablets when it comes to swimming pools is to sanitise the swimming pool, hot tub or spa pool water. This ensures that your pool water is kept clean from bacteria for continual use without putting swimmers at risk.

There are many types of swimming pool bromine tablets and granules that can be used to clean out bacteria and other contaminants found in the pool or spa. The Bromo, Chloro-5.5-Dimethylhydantoin is one form of bromine tablets that are usually placed in the skimmer basket, ensuring a slow dispensation into the pool or spa waters.

Swimming pool bromine tablets and granules such as the BCDMH are designed as an alternative sanitiser to chlorine in cleaning the pool or spa. The recommended dosage of bromine tablets is usually between two and six parts per million depending on the size of the pool. It may take the bromine tablets 10-14 days to dissolve to clean the pool effectively.

A direct application to the pool water is not recommended as it may create a strong dose and cause undesirable effects, especially to swimmers with sensitive skin. Chlorine is a more well known pool-cleaning agent, but bromine is definitely a comparable form of tablets. Bromine tablets are a convenient form of pool cleaner which is effective and efficient in its function. Bromine is less odorous than chlorine, offering pool users a more pleasant and less intrusive swimming experience.

Bromine is available at a broader pH, unlike chlorine cleansing agents which are limited to a pH range of 7.2 – 7.6. The effectiveness of chlorine decreases with higher pH levels as a sanitiser while Bromine maintains its sanitizing effects even at a pH level of 8.2. Hence, there is greater flexibility in controlling the type of water supply with higher pH levels such as hard water with a higher alkalinity level.

Swimming pool bromine tablets and granules allow a slower dissolve into the pool water through a floating dispenser, which is often better as it offers the pool users or maintenance experts a more effective control over the sanitisation level of the pool. Bromine is well worth considering as an alternative purchase to chlorine.

Rigo Spa recommend Bromine for hot tubs.

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