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Steam Generators & Accessories

There was a time when the availability of the steam rooms was restricted to gyms and health clubs. Today, it is much more accessible and affordable to get a home steam room. Times have changed with the advent of latest technologies and researches in the field of creating affordable home steam rooms. Now it is available in various models to suit differing budgets and needs.

There are many secondary accessories for a steam room, which you can install to enhance the enjoyment of your steam bath to enhancing its look. These accessories include:

– Citric Acid Descalers: These help with cleaning the inside of the steam room ensuring it is fresh and sanitary for all the users of your steam room.

– Dippers & Buckets: A dipper and bucket are helpful to enhance the production of vapour and stimulating perspiration to wash out the pores. It is always crucial to determine the exact temperature of the steam room, with a standard thermometer able to do this job.

– Hygrometer: This device, on the other hand, measures the humidity of steam room. Steam room humidity typically spans from ten to thirty-five percent, depending on the volume of water applied.

– Of course, every steam room can also feature a range of personal comfort accessories. These include headrest, towels, towel hangers, robes and mirrors.

– Other miscellaneous accessories that can be added include stones, stools, wall signs, hardware, logo items, a scrub glove and different types of light.

The importance of flooring cannot be discounted. Any user coming out of the steam room is likely to be wet, and the floor must not be too slippery. It should be safe, non-slip and comfortable underfoot. A half-inch thick injection-molded plastic is a realistic option to be used as a floor for any steam room.

The aromatic dispenser is an automatic aroma-dropping system used for steam room heaters. You just have to pour the water and aroma mix into its ceramic bowl. The drip speed is regulated using a regulator plug up at the bottom of the bowl.

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