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Sauna Heaters & Control Panels

A sauna experience isn’t complete without the help of a good sauna heater. Traditionally sauna rooms have been located in hotels, gyms and spas, with the sauna heaters and control panels built from materials such as charcoal, woods, gas, or even using the solar energy brought in from sunlight.

However, as technology advance, it has made it more comfortable for sauna users to enjoy the experience in a more convenient manner. Because of this, an increasing number of people are now able to relax in a sauna in the comfort of their own home and experience all its benefits.

The number or size of the sauna heaters you’ll need varies according to the sauna you want. More importantly, before putting any heater in place, you must first determine the size of the room where it should be placed. Smaller rooms would only require smaller heaters. One heater may already do an excellent job in promoting the right level of sweat on the people using the room.

Another factor to consider when choosing sauna heaters and control panels, either for your home or your sauna establishment, is the manufacturer. Because of the thriving sauna industry all over the world, there are now a lot of heater manufacturers that are out on the market today. Some will give you a higher price for premium quality, while others can be much cheaper and focus on the basic needs of a sauna. We have a selection and can offer you whatever suits your needs best.

Safety is also a key factor to consider for any purchase. Since it emits intense heat, the sauna can be dangerous to the health of its users if it’s not properly constructed. More often than not, sauna heaters that are not UL approved, while they may be cheaper, do not have a warranty and are more likely to malfunction.

The control panel of the heater also plays a vital role in enjoying your moment of relaxation. Some controls panels are already built into the heater. On the other hand, there are also controls that can be mounted on the wall of the room. There are also remote controls available for many heaters. Whatever controls you choose for your heater, make sure that it has a feature that turns it off automatically after a set time. This is to prevent the sauna heater from giving off too much heat if it is accidentally left on or the sauna user falls asleep.

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