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Sauna Accessories & Fragrances

Every experienced sauna bather knows how valuable the right sauna accessories and fragrances can be. Oftentimes, it is these additional features that make the difference between a session that feels second-rate and one that is truly superior. When used properly, accessories can help a bather create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing and refreshing soak in the soothing heat of a sauna.

The following is a list of some of the more common sauna accessories used by sauna enthusiasts around the world:

– Loofah Sponges: When used as a bath sponge, the loofah, a very popular item in Asian baths and European spas, is known to produce a mild glow and to revitalize the skin. It is a natural, organic, cleansing sponge that is also known for improving blood circulation, exfoliating dead skin cells and promoting healthy skin.

– Sauna Brushes: Many sauna enthusiasts enjoy scrubbing their bodies with special brushes as they sweat in the sauna heat. Regardless of whether the brush has a long handle for those hard-to-reach places, a detachable handle or no handle at all, a sauna brush is a good tool for helping to cleanse and massage a bather’s skin. The soft natural bristles of most brushes aid skin exfoliation and can contribute greatly to a session that is refreshing and invigorating for the bather.

– Sauna Buckets: Also commonly referred to as sauna pails, wooden buckets are used to hold water in traditional Finnish-style rock saunas. Many experienced bathers prefer their buckets to be made of cedar, pine or copper. If you purchase an all-wooden sauna pail, be sure to empty after each use and to store it upside down.

– Sauna Ladles: Sometimes called dippers, ladles are as essential to proper traditional sauna bathing as the buckets. It’s a ladle or two full of water tossed over the hot rocks of a Finnish sauna that creates the vapour that many purists insist helps define an authentic sauna bath.

– Sauna Fragrances & Essences: Eucalyptus, birch, pine, spruce, wintergreen, menthol, lemon and lime are just some of the deeply appealing scents available in today’s all-natural fragrances. Add a few drops of your favourite fragrance to your water and it will enhance the experience no end.

– Sauna Headrests & Backrests: Complete comfort can be achieved through the use of these important accessories. A wooden headrest or pillow gently cushions the head of a reclining bather, while a backrest offers support, relief and luxury. Headrests and backrests can also serve effectively as footrests, if desired by the sauna bather.