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Harvia Rondium & Rubic Saunas

For anyone seeking out a luxury sauna option at an affordable price, it’s well worth checking out Harvia’s range of Rondium and Rubic saunas. Harvia are one of the premium brands on the market and are known for combining a luxury feel with innovative design.

The Rondium sauna has a double door which features a slick and beautifully decorated look. This classy sauna model is equipped with LED lights. The pristine stainless steel finish of the outside walls gives it a modern look. It has a base frame covered with steel to protect any moisture from accumulating close to the floor, in addition to exemplifying the sauna’s stylish look.

The interior of the sauna is equally impressive, with detachable benches made of heat-treated aspen. This aspen has also been used for the ceiling, interior walls and exterior paneling. The sauna provides a humid bath using a versatile top-class Combi heater. The range of Rubic saunas are similar in style to the Rondium, the main difference being that they’re a bit smaller and in turn they cost less. The Harvia Rondium range could be used in commercial settings where you want the capacity for several people, while the Rubic saunas may fit better in a domestic setting, unless you want that large capacity in a home environment too.

The Harvia Rondium and Rubic saunas have all the distinctive additional features that set your sauna experience up just right. They each have a deluxe bucket and ladle, as well as an in-built thermometer to ensure you get just the right temperature for you sauna session. Additional exterior and interior panels are made of the heat-treated aspen, with the combination of wood and stainless steel providing that perfect complement of modern innovation and traditional luxury.

The heaters produce infrared rays that direct heat to the heating compartment. The transfer of these infrared rays brings a perfectly precise heat to allow you the sort of deep sweat that brings real refreshment and relaxation. The Harvia Rondium and Rubic saunas are a key tool in building a setup that promotes good health. Heat from the infrared rays penetrates the skin giving the body a positive rejuvenation. The heat makes the muscles relax, burns calories, stimulates blood circulation and even help releases emotional and physical stress.