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Harvia Outdoor Saunas | Changing Rooms

The presence of a sauna in your home setup can provide a real sense of luxury as well as a host of health benefits. Some saunas are placed in and around a gym space, others within a bathroom space, but another great option is an outdoor sauna. Of course, there comes an additional requirement with an outdoor sauna of getting into and out of it, especially on a cold day!

Harvia’s range of outdoor saunas come complete with additional changing rooms, ensuring that you don’t have to go into your sauna fully dressed or walk out to your outdoor sauna only semi-dressed. The outdoors sauna and its adjoining changing rooms come in a beautiful wooden design. They come complete with a choice of electric heater or wood burning stove; whatever suits your preference. They are also equipped with a thermometer, ladle and a copper metal bucket. This sauna provides a lavish setup with a large veranda that could even accommodate a jacuzzi. It can be stationed anywhere outside, whether near an outside swimming pool just outside the back door on some decking.

Harvia outdoors saunas also come with a wooden to relax on before or after changing, as well as being taken into the sauna for additional heating. Harvia outdoor saunas also offer a host of health benefits to its user, including burn calories, stimulating blood circulation and improving the skin.

Harvia outdoors saunas are designed to give you the feeling of being placed in a forest, providing an atmosphere of forest freshness. Daily use of a sauna has even been shown to help sleep for some people. Different models of Harvia outdoor saunas offer great style, with the Kuikka and Kitele both beautiful options.

The building also has fantastic features such as terrace floor boards and groove roof, with the structure also wide enough to accommodate six people. The dressing room bench is soft and comfortable to change in. These unique changing rooms bring together all the relaxing natural elements of create a wave of good feeling; just what you need.