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Wet Area Elements From Harvia

The wet area elements from Harvia are used in various bathroom, spa or sauna settings, including the Harvia Smartfold sauna. This is a new retractable and extendable sauna that uses up its full floor space only when it is being used. It is suitable for all types of user; whether young or old, as well as offering wheelchair access when its benches are in the upper position.

The sauna is equipped with a stove to provide warmth from below, and the Smartfold is also an energy efficient option that consumes less power than many saunas while offering a similar level of quality. The size of the stove also ensures only moderate power consumption. The heater in the SmartFold has been safely installed so that it can only turn once the sauna has been unfolded. The extension and retraction process is easy to manage, and the SmartFold sauna looks stylish in both forms.

The SmartFold obviously saves a lot of space, and since wet areas are not easy to build, the economical use of space is profitable as a design feature. The folded sauna allows room for extra capacity when needed if used in a standard bathroom setup.

The wet area elements from Harvia have been specially made to serve in the wet spaces of bathrooms. They are made of high quality and durable materials, for example the sauna wall panels, which are comprised of plates that are resistant to humidity. The structure of their frames is also made of stainless steel. Their compact design allows them to be easily installed in a bathtub.

There are no wooden frames that would make the wet areas uncomfortable to use. They also have unique structures that don’t need to be altered for ventilation. 

In addition, the wet area elements from Harvia come with simple packages that make them easy to install. They save space, time and are cost effective. Furnishing your space with a Harvia Smartfold sauna could prove to be a fantastic purchase.

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