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Certikin Tranquility Saunas are among the best sauna rooms you can find on the market. They are a manufacturer with a track record of making high quality products for the swimming and spa industries, and offer no less than five ranges of sauna.

Their ranges come in eight standard sizes and are designed to cater for both commercial and domestic setups. Here are basic summaries on the range of commercial and domestic saunas from Certikin:

– Commercial Saunas: Their commercial sauna rooms are made from spruce wood. The spruce is kiln dried. They each have a floor made from wooden duckboard and a glass door. These saunas come with Obechi benching. The benches are heavy duty. The saunas also have headrests, brackets and aprons. The door of the saunas has no threshold and has a 74cm opening. There are twin lights provided. The twin lights come with wooden shades. The heater for the Certikin commercial sauna rooms has a SSP33T panel. The heater is ideal for SKLE or soft hot bathing. The package is completed with accessories.

– Domestic Saunas: Just like the commercial saunas, the domestic saunas rooms are made from spruce, which is kiln dried. They also have a wooden duckboard floor, Obechi benching and a glass door. The fitting of the saunas is light and made from ceramic. These domestic saunas come with a thermometer, a ladle and a wooden bucket. Domestic saunas have a Classic range and a Premier range.

The classic range is made for the entry-level prices but still offers a great sauna experience. This range has a spruce panelling, standard back rests, Obechi benches and a glass door. They have a Certikin classic heater.

The Premier range comes with additional headrests and backrests and a soft heater with a luxury heater guardrail. The heater comes with a remote control panel which is digital. A sand timer and twin pillars are also provided for this sauna.

There are so many great options offered by the range of Certikin sauna rooms. There’s a reason we stock their items throughout our range of products and it’s because they maintain consistently high standards that make for ideal purchases.

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