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Sauna & Steam

We stock a range of sauna and steam options for residential and commercial use. Where once the availability of steam rooms was restricted to the realms of gyms and health clubs, nowadays it is much easier and practical to access and afford to a home steam room or sauna. Times have definitely changed with the advent of recent technologies and design advancements in the field of creating affordable and compact home sauna and steam facilities.


There are a wide selection of available models from many of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, with each one featuring slightly different sizes, styles, materials and features to suit differing budgets and needs. There really is no such thing as the ideal steam room or sauna, but we’re happy to speak to you in more detail about your exact requirements and provide advice on finding the ideal option for you, with the opportunity to customise in some cases.


As well as the full-scale sauna and steam rooms themselves, we also stock a range of secondary accessories for a steam room, which you can use to enhance the enjoyment of your facility, or to enhance its look. These accessories include dippers and buckets to enhance the production of vapour and stimulate the perspiration that washes out the pores. It is always crucial to determine, We also have sauna and steam room thermometers able to deal with high temperatures and monitor the exact temperature of the room.


There are a host of other sauna and steam room accessories including citric acid descalers: These help with cleaning the inside of the room, hygrometer to measure humidity of steam room, as well as personal comfort accessories such as headrests, towels, towel hangers, robes and mirrors. In addition the importance of flooring cannot be discounted, so we make sure that our range feature safe, non-slip and comfortable flooring.

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