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Viron eVo Variable Speed Pumps

Reduce your electricity costs and enjoy crystal clear water in your swimming pools with these fantastic Viron eVo Variable Speed Pumps. Perfect for both big and average sized pools, this pump comes with a flow rate which is sufficient enough for back-washing up to 30 inches in diameter.

The item provides an excellent vacuum while cleaning your pool and it is powerful enough to drive six spa jets. The display is large enough to show you the exact RPM of the motor. It also comes with a feature that lets you adjust the time and flow rate of priming. At the same time, you also get to see an accurate visual display of the individual speed settings with these pumps.

The built-in 24 hour timer can be easily enabled and be used for toggling between the different speed settings in order to adjust the best flow rate for your swimming pool. Unlike other more conventional speed pumps, this pump consistently works at maximum capacity during use, while simultaneously reducing your power consumption. The item is also considerably quieter than conventional swimming pool pumps, letting you use the pump at all hours.


– The speed is fully variable between 600 RPM and 2850 RPM allowing it to be

adjusted depending on your needs according to the size of your pool.

– Highly energy-efficient pool pump.

– Very effective in reducing CO2 emissions.

– Equipped with low speed operation, which ensures that the pump is ultra-quiet during the night and early morning.

– The motor is fully serviceable, long lasting and consistent in its operation.

– Equipped with an in-built timer used for toggling between various speed settings.

– Ensures better filtration resulting in sparkling crystal clear water, all year round.

This pump is a fantastic purchase if you’re looking out to cut down on your energy bills while enjoying a clean and sparkling swimming pool all year round.

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