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Vacless Automatic Breathers

Vacless Automatic Breathers provide extra safety and protection against any suction entrapment. They also prolong the lifespan of your swimming pool because they act as a surge suppressor and can help you drain your pool if you are maintaining it over the winter period.

The valve is directly connected to the pump, achieved by eliminating the side drain plug of the suction and installing the breather in its place. Most valves are designed to be used on 0.05 to 10.0 HP pumps for both large and small recreational installations, whether commercial pools, residential pools, fountains, spas, and hot tubs.

The operation of the Vacless Automatic Breather is accomplished by allowing ambient or atmospheric air to fill the pool pump’s suction side rapidly in case of high vacuum occurrence. The pump then loosens the prime allowing for the rapid release of any entrapment.

The role of the surge suppressor is achieved by arresting the rapid vacuum increase while the seal is temporarily depressed to allow for fast air gasps. When performing this particular role, the valve safeguards the pool pump filtration system against vibrations and shocks during the pool pump start-ups. The action leads to less downtime, fewer maintenance costs and longer lifespan for the filtration equipment.

Vacless Automatic Breathers offers instant vacuum relief in case of any entrapment by enabling the atmospheric air to fill the pool pump pot quickly while concurrently turning off the pool pump. The electrical units incorporate a three-minute delay restart, as well as, audible alert. The pool pump runs the typical filtration cycle utilizing 3HP, 220VAC or 110VAC power supply after starting. In case of entrapment, the level of vacuum in the pool pump pot is raised yielding a differential pressure across the pump seal.

The Atmospheric pressure then pushes the seal, squeezing the spring and forcing the O-Ring to cross the grooves, which allow the prevailing atmospheric pressure to fill the pump pot quickly. As a consequence, the pump loosens the prime rapidly, easing any entrapment. The whole movement of the seal happens in split-second timing. After the entrapment has been freed, the seal then automatically springs back to the original position for re-priming.

In summary, Vacless Automatic Breathers can adjust themselves efficiently to most pool filtration and configuration systems. Adjustable units can allow suction relief for even the most sophisticated applications, with compliance of up to 200 ft. Vacless Automatic Breathers remain the best additional safety devices to protect against any suction entrapment that may occur in any pool facility.

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