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Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are a specially built type of pump that has a sealed motor. The motor is usually close-coupled to the pump’s casing. Submersible Pumps are fully submerged in the liquid that a user intends to pump. The best feature of Submersible Pumps is that they mitigate the problem of pump cavitation. Pump cavitation usually occurs when the pump and the surface of a liquid to be pumped have a big difference in elevation.

It can be highly damaging to pumps if they suffer the occurrence of cavities and bubbles around an impeller. When these cavities and bubbles implode, they send vigorous shock waves inside the device causing damage to both the impeller and the pump’s housing. The fact that this particular problem does not occur in submersible pumps makes them more durable. The pumps also have a low maintenance cost compared to other types of pumps.

Submersible Pumps operate differently from jet pumps in that they push liquids to the surface rather than pulling them in like in jet pumps. This mechanism can allow submersible pumps to offer a much greater level of efficiency than jet pumps. Submersible Pumps also pump out liquid further and faster than other types of pumps. Submersible Pumps are self-primed and start on their own. No other interference is needed to operate the pumps, which make them very efficient.

Submersible Pumps are a highly effective solution to your pump needs, and are also less intrusive with their potential to be under the surface of the pool, fixed to either a wall or the floor of the pool. They’re also very helpful with the process of draining a swimming pool. The next time you need a pump consider purchasing a Submersible Pump by viewing our collection of different submersible pumps.

Swimming pool maintenance is necessary for every pool owner to ensure that their pool is kept in good working order. Keeping a regular flow of water in and out of your pool is vital to protect against the water becoming dirty or stagnant, and we stock a range of pumps that are equipped for that task.

Once your pool water is flowing and being filtered and cleaned with regularity, it should be able to be used effectively for lengthy periods of time. This is the case whether the pool is indoor or outdoor, and whether it’s used more occasionally in a domestic setting or for many hours a day in a commercial setting.

There will, however, also be times when further maintenance may include the need to drain the pool completely of all water in order to clean and check that everything is in working condition. Many swimming pool owners may also decide to completely drain their outdoor pool in preparation for colder seasons when the pool is not in use, or to change swimming pool water that has been in use for too long.

Certikin Submersible Pumps

Certikin Submersible pumps will also do this job for you. To drain your swimming pool using a Certikin submersible pump, you can attach a hose to the pump, place the pump in the deepest part of the pool and drain out the water to the location of choice.

Certikin submersible pumps come in two varieties. The first is the SUB-1 submersible pump, which is their standard plastic submersible pump. The second one is the SUB-4, which is a submersible drainage pump with integral float switch. With the Certikin submersible pumps, you can find a swimming pool pump that works for you and performs the necessary tasks needed to maintain your pool.

Coverstar Submersible Pumps

The Coverstar Submersible Pumps are automatic pumps used to remove standing water on pool covers. They are designed uniquely to work on any type of pool cover. They are the best pumps you can use to remove excess water from pool covers and can also be used to remove water from your spa.

These pumps are entirely submersible, making them ideal for draining the excess water that gathers on the material of a pool cover. The pumps can be set to start automatically when necessary. They have a 12v electronic sensor, and can also activate themselves automatically when the water that’s gathered is around two inches. They then deactivate when they’ve cleared the water away.

This facilitates use of a pool anytime; all you have to do is to leave the pump on the pool and it will be ready to go whenever you want to remove the cover. The pumps can do 1600 gallons in an hour. Coverstar submersible pumps are also low energy consumption appliances, they come with a permanent split capacitor motor (PSC). The motor has a very smooth and efficient operation, working with a 230V 50Hz 1/3 HP pump. This motor is made from stainless steel to ensure it is long lasting and free from corrosion, and its case is similarly durable.

It’s designed so that the flow of pumping the water can also facilitate the cooling of the motor, adding to its safety levels. These pumps are designed for ultimate stability, with a wide base and an internal mechanical float. The pumps are also fairly lightweight, making them easily portable. They also have ergonomically designed adjoining handles, which are very convenient for use.

The pumps come with a power cord that’s 10 metres long, and a one inch FNPT discharge with a 3/4-inch garden hose adapter. There is a multi-hose fitting that has a clapet valve. There is no assembling needed when you buy the Coverstar Submersible Pumps.

When looking for pumps to drain surface water on covered pools, consider getting the Coverstar Submersible Pumps. It’s definitely one of the leading pumps on the market and a sound investment to protect your pool during the times it’s not used

DAB Submersible Pumps

DAB submersible pumps are designed to be energy-efficient with consistently excellent performance. There are a range of DAB pumps that can be used in swimming pools. First, there is the E.SWIM, which is their latest pump and is designed for the circulation of water throughout your swimming pool. The E.SWIM pump can help reduce costs as it has very low energy consumption.

The EUROPRO HIGH FLOW is another DAB submersible pump with high performance and is designed with self-priming capabilities. When in operation, they produce no noise and were specifically designed for enhancing water circulation and filtration in larger swimming pools. The operating capacity is up to 190,000 litres per hour, and it can deal with pool water temperatures up to forty degrees Celsius.

Another high quality pump in the DAB range is the EUROCOVER submersible pool pump, which is an automated electric pump. The pump has a wide base, enhancing its stability. It can be operated easily and offers high efficiency with limited maintenance. It can be used during winter on the surface of pools to help get rid of rainwater from pool covers prevent them becoming damaged or broken. The pump can operate at a capacity of up to 6,000 litres per hour.

The EUROSWIM is designed with an inbuilt pre-filter, and is also a highly efficient swimming pool pump. The motor of the EUROSWIM is usually outside the swimming pool water, which allows the pump to be very quiet when under operation. This type of pump can be relied on for water circulation services in all types of swimming pools. The operating capacity is up to 43,000 litres per hour and it can deal with water temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Each of the DAB submersible pump range offer different strengths and are suitable for different size pools and differing needs for use, but any of them would make a great purchase if they’re the right fit for you.

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