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Mini Pumps

Mini Pumps are a series of smaller pumps designed for use in smaller swimming pools. The mini pumps are ideal for this type of swimming pool, because they come with a system of filtration that is reliable and safe. They’re also easy to use, and with their attached transparent lid, also easy to maintain. The mini pumps consume very little energy and are environmentally friendly as they can operate at minimal noise levels due to the silencers they have fitted. Mini Pumps also come in handy as they are fitted with an adapter that can be connected with a vacuum hose. There have been great advances with the level of mini pumps as they benefit from advancing levels of technology. Our range of mini pumps are now fitted with stop/start timers. Mini Pump users can now easily set their preferred start time and the desired duration period for operation, and the mini pump will can operate automatically on a daily basis. This is another reason why mini pumps are the best option for your smaller personal or commercial swimming pool. Personal swimming pools are a fantastic additional luxury facility, but it doesn’t have to be a huge pool to provide for your needs. Many individuals are building smaller pools, spa pools and whirlpools, and as a result mini pump is often the best option for their pool. Another advantage is that mini pumps are designed in such a way that they’re in a position to handle both different pressure levels and different water levels. Any standard swimming pool requires a mini pump, especially if they have a capacity around 10,ooo litres. There are a variety of mini pumps currently available in the market at cost-effective prices, and they are characterised by the following features: – Heat sink that has temperature stability for up to 60 degrees Celsius. – Durable material, resistant to corrosion and salty water. – Class insulation: 130. – IPX5 Waterproof standard. – Asynchronous, two poles. – Large debris basket.

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