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Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump

Variable speed pumps provide a major advantage for all pool owners, allowing adaptability for different times and pumping requirements. The IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump, however, sets the bar even higher. This pump has specific advanced traits that lead to outselling all other variable speed pumps in the market. The first notable feature of this elite pump is the efficient and permanent magnet motors, which aid any pool owner by adjusting the speed to match specific operation. Another benefit of the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump is its quietness. The pump offers a completely interior fan-cooled motor, which in turn promotes a lasting quiet operation. Intelliflo has proven that the total energy savings are larger than any other pool pump. This is due to the majority of pool pumps, even different energy-efficient models, incorporating a traditional induction motor, which is now outdated. The Intelliflo pump has a highly advanced magnet motor, the same type of magnet motor currently residing in hybrid vehicles. With these magnets, savings of up to 90% in energy consumption is common. Also, since the pump has had approximately over a decade of in-field testing and success, the advancement of software and control systems make programming very easy. The ease of the installation process for any type of pool is yet another reason to side with Intelliflo. After the installation process is completed, the Intelliflo pump could be paired with many other devices, providing a great array of options for any swimming pool. The Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump also offers the option of pairing with other devices, equipment and specific customised features. This will have the effect of not only being cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to change water features or simply change the filters, all it takes is the push of a button to adjust speeds. No matter how you change the pool, the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump will adapt right along with it.

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