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Hydrostar Commercial Pumps

If you are having trouble maintaining a large domestic or commercial swimming pool, Hydrostar Commercial Pumps are made for you. Hydrostar Commercial Pumps are best for larger domestic pools as well as commercial swimming pools. These include 80 mm or 3” quick connect unions, and a 6-litre strainer basket, which are all well protected by secondary steel.

These are available in multiple variants of 4.0 hp, 5.0 hp, 6.0 hp and 7.0 hp.

These pumps come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which makes your purchase even safer. These high performance pumps facilitate the much needed extra power to cope with ancillary systems, and are also available as a three-phase power option. Their lightweight design, composite plastic make and IP 55 protection ratings make them an ideal choice for your swimming pool.

Hydrostar Commercial Pumps are designed with efficiency as their core focus. They offer superior quality, performance and features in comparison to other products. These pumps have been specifically designed for the swimming pool industry, which makes them an unrivalled choice for mid-size pools. Hydrostar Commercial Pumps are designed to circulate large quantities of low-pressure water with the help of high-quality corrosion-resistant body parts such as a brass or a bronze impellor. Their stainless steel strainer basket and shaft are both self-priming.

These pumps work best with smaller commercial and larger domestic swimming pools, which demand high flow rates and minimum maintenance. These pumps have been designed to provide a low noise operation at substantially higher flow rates and can also handle higher head pressures than other pump models. Their hydraulic efficiency is enhanced with the use of an internal volute, which provides a much more balanced water flow and reduced hydraulic turbulence.

Main features:

– Lightweight and efficient design.

– Corrosion resistant.

– IP 55 protection ratings.

– Maximum water temperature 50 degrees Celsius.

– 380/415v – 50Hz.

– 9 and 90 mm Socket Unions.

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