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Certikin Hurricane Commercial Pumps

Certikin Hurricane Commercial Pumps possess all the capabilities and performance of a traditional cast iron centrifugal pump, with the additional advantage of the versatility of lightweight modern plastic made of chemical resistant materials. Certikin Hurricane Commercial Pumps are able to pump large volumes of water at a very high pressure. These pumps are supplied with three-phase motors, which range from 2.9kW to 9.2kW.

The main features of the pump are as follows:

– Flooded Suction: The pump operates by means of a suctioned chamber that is

continuously filled with liquid. Flooded suction eliminates the need for priming.

– Quick fit union connections: The pump comes with quick fit connections that are

easy to use and quick to assemble.

– Plastic composite body: The pump has a modern plastic composite body made of

chemical resistant material. This increases the versatility of the pump.

-316 Stainless Steel Shaft: The pump comes with a 316 Stainless Steel Shaft which

increases corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environments.

Other features includes:

– Suitability for salt-water applications.

– Available with or without Pre-filters.

– Maximum water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

– IP55 protection rated.

There are several models of Certikin Hurricane Commercial Pumps, they include:

– CP400s: The CP400S pump comes with 4hp, Plastic Impellor, a strainer basket and

90mm connections.

– CP550s: The CP550s pump comes with 5hp, a strainer basket and 110mm


– CP750s: The CP750s comes with 7hp, bronze impellor, a strainer basket and 110mm


– CP1000s: The CP1000s model comes with 10hp, a strainer basket and 110mm


– CP1250s: The CP1250s model comers with 12hp, bronze impellor a strainer basket

and 110mm connections.

– CP400B: The CP400B model comes with 4hp without a strainer basket.

– CP550B: The CP550B comes with 5hp without a strainer basket.

– CP750B: The CP750B comes with 7hp without a strainer basket.

– CP1000B: The CP1000B comes with 10hp without a strainer basket.

– CP1250B: The CP1250B comes with 12hp without a strainer basket.

All Certikin Hurricane Commercial Pumps achieve flows in excess of 150m3/hr and offer efficient and durable operating standards.

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