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Certikin HPS Swimflo Pumps

The Certikin HPS Swimflo pump is manufactured by one of the most trusted manufacturers of water pumps, Certikin UK. The pump is available in five sizes; 0.3 HP, 0.5 HP, 0.75 HP, 1.0 HP and 1.5 HP. It is available in the single-phase option only and each size has the recommend electrical use requirements. Due to its size and quietness when in operation, the pump is recommended for the domestic swimming pool owner and smaller commercial pool owner.

The Certikin HPS Swimflo pump is easy to install because it is manufactured as a one-piece unit from composite material that is resilient and durable for continuous use. The pump is self-priming with an efficient and supreme hydraulic performance. A self-priming pump is a centrifugal pump that creates a pressure differential using air and water to power it to pump water.

One of the greatest strengths of the Certikin HPS Swimflo pump is that an innovative and patented strainer basket is installed in it. The basket is used to trap or filter off any debris that may have escaped the pool skimmer during the pool cleaning process or sucked through the pool’s main drainpipes. Should the debris get into the pump assembly, it clogs up the pumps impeller. By so doing the pool’s water flow is greatly compromised. It is recommended that the basket is checked and emptied once in a while so that it can continue to protect the pump.

The Certikin HPS Swimflo pump is also suitable for installation in pools that have salt chlorinated water. It is ultra quiet and environmentally friendly with a dependable and unobtrusive circulation of water for a long time. The pump is delivered with accompanying plumbing joints and unions according to the pump size. The pump is value for money with a range of benefits for smaller pools that make it an excellent purchase.

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