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Certikin HGS Swimflo Pumps

The Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump is an ultra modern centrifugal swimming pool pump that is manufactured by Certikin, one of the most trusted swimming pool pump manufacturers in Britain. This is an electric water pump that is easy to use and simple to install as it is fitted above ground.

The Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump is available to both the individual domestic and the small commercial swimming pool owner. It is a very quiet pump that is hydraulically efficient. The pump is self-priming due to the fact that it has a centrifugal system that uses a mixture of air and water to create the pressure that makes the Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump start pumping water as required.

The Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump is made from durable composite resistant materials. The pump meets all British Environmental Standards, is very quiet during use and is made from composite resistant materials that are highly durable. The pump comes as one piece, with an ultra modern design. The Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump is fitted with a strainer basket that is innovative, allowing the pump to work even more efficiently.

The Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump is available in two options; single-phase and three-phase. There are seven pump sizes or models available, ranging from the smallest motor of 0.5Hp (0.37kW) through to the largest motor of 3Hp (2.2kW). The Certikin SwimFlo HGS 0.5Hp Pump is available only on the single-phase option. The pumps are supplied with plumbing unions ranging from 1.5″ for the smaller 0.5Hp to 1.0Hp pumps through to 2.0″ for the larger ones of 1.5Hp to 3.0Hp.

Why Choose the Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump?

As has been mentioned above, the various features highlighted make the Certikin SwimFlo HGS Pump one of the best swimming pool pumps in the market. It is also fairly priced and works efficiently in pools that are chlorinated with salt. The pumps come with an excellent sale service from the point of purchase, delivery and maintenance.

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