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DAB Commercial Pump 2900rpm

The DAB Commercial Pumps 2900rpm are high-performance electric pumps that offer an easy-to-use and flexible solution for water pumping in your swimming pool. It is easily serviced, built to last and reliable for domestic or commercial swimming pools. These factors make it one of the most durable and consistent pumps around.

The pump is self-priming, making it easy to start, and has a cast iron body and an impeller. (There are also cataphoresis coatings and bronze coatings available upon a customer’s request).

It has a pump shaft of 304 St/St, as well as a Viton mechanical seal to guarantee you that it is not tampered with upon delivery or during its operation. The pump has an IP55 rating, with revolutions per minute of 2900, although a 1450rpm is also available upon request. It also has a filter basket of 360 St/St. The DAB Commercial Pumps are efficient for any swimming pool because they offer a selection of features ranging from power consumption, suctions, and discharge.

The pump’s modification models are:

– DAB pump 3HP, power consumption of 2.2 kW, suction of 2.5 and a discharge of 1.5.

– DAB pump 4HP, power consumption of 3.0 kW, suction of 2.5 and a discharge of 2.

– DAB pump 5.5HP, power consumption of 4.1 kW, suction of 3 and a discharge of 2.5.

– DAB pump 7.5HP, power consumption of 5.5 kW, suction of 3 and a discharge of 2.5.

– DAB pump 10HP, power consumption of 7.5 kW, suction of 3 and a discharge of 2.5.

– DAB pump 15HP, power consumption of 11 kW, suction of 4 and a discharge of 3.

The different modifications of the DAB Commercial Pumps 2900rpm are sold at different prices. The pump can handle large water volumes, making it ideal for home swimming pools, school swimming pools, and public pools. If properly installed by professionals, the pump is sure to meet your pool requirements.

The availability of different modifications of this pump model makes it the pump of choice for many pools. The pump is well built to withstand corrosion and extreme weather conditions, enabling it to provide value for money and effective use in your swimming pool.