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Certikin Giant Commercial Pumps

Pumps are an integral part of the swimming pool setup, tasked with filtering, purification and the delivery of pool water. Finding the perfectly appropriate pool pump for large pools such as public swimming pool is an even more tricky and demanding endeavor. It is because of these binding factors that the selection and purchase of appropriate pool pumps is of utmost importance. Could the Certikin Giant Commercial Pump be the ideal choice for you?

If you need a pump for a recently constructed public swimming pool, or if your current, broken-down pump is demanding replacement, it very likely could be. Our site stocks many of the best and most affordable pool pumps for public and large swimming pools. We have pumps that are ideal for a range of sizes and pool types, but the Certikin Giant Commercial Pumps is definitely the ideal solution for all large-scale water-pumping needs.

Giant is a centrifugal swimming pool pump designed to offer high performance filtration and purification of water in public swimming pools. Certikin Giant pumps are made from an assortment of modern building materials such as fibreglass, stainless steel, carbon and ceramic. This design consequently provides the best combination of strength, durability, mobility and an overall good-looking pump package.

It comes with a mechanical resin and ceramic seal to keep water from leaking into the pump, thus improving the overall life of the pump. The Giant pump is fitted with a high capacity pre-filter with an easy to handle stainless steel disposal basket. It has proven, high-energy efficiency levels.

These pumps come in an assortment of sizes and power ratings of between 4.0 horsepower and 12.5 horsepower to offer a wide range of reliable and consistent pumping options.

Our technical staff are readily available and happy to assist you in selecting the Giant pump that best handles your pumping requirements.

Feel free to contact us and let us help you make an informed and cost-effective pump choice.