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Certikin Euroswim Pump

The Certikin Euroswim pump, powered by DAB, is a low noise, self-priming centrifugal pump combined with a large pre-filter basket allowing the user to empty less frequently and minimise maintenance. DAB pumps provide a variety of models ranging from 0.5HP to 3.0HP and are available in single or three phase.

Euroswim three phase versions are installed with high efficiency IE2 motors and are absolutely noiseless. Developed for water circulation and filtration in residential and domestic swimming pools, they cover most swimming pool size applications and owing to their ultra silent operation, you can use them anywhere without interference.

Pump Features:

– High efficiency pump for swimming pools.

– High Capacity pre-filter (up to 1.5HP from 4 litres and up to 3HP from 5 litres)

– Available with outputs ranging from 0.5HP to 3.0HP two-inch suction and discharge

ports reinforced with stainless steel rings.

-Suitable for liquid temperature up to 60 degree Celsius.

-Suitable for ambient temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius.

– Transparent antioxidant polycarbonate strainer cover guarantees excellent visibility

over long periods of time.

– Fibreglass reinforced techno-polymer pump body.

– Fibreglass reinforced techno-polymer impeller designed to guarantee insulation and

ensure overall cover of the motor shaft from the pumped liquid.

– Mechanical seal provided in Carbon, NBR, Aluminium and AISI 316.

– Reinforced techno-polymer diffuser.

– Ultra-silent motor with low noise level of 53LpA to 64LpA.

– Continuous service 2-pole asynchronous motor(S1) providing various powers.

– Permanent split capacitor(PSC) inside terminal box for all versions.

– Dye-cast aluminium motor casing.

– Cataphoresis paint coating to prevent oxidation in aggressive environments.

– Support base supplied with rubber feet to reduce vibrations.

Advantages of this product:

– Can be used for water containing high percentage of Chlorine/Bromine.

– Flow rates up to 42,000 litres per hour.

– Motor is completely watertight and isolated from water.

– Built-in thermal and current protection.

– Butterfly filling and drain plugs that can be removed and refitted without tools.

– Electrophoreses treatment.

– Ensured motor cooling due to fan guard design.

– Less heat dispersion.

– Reliable, silent and efficient.

– Now approved for use in salt-water swimming pools.

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