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BP Commercial Pump 3000rpm

Developed specifically for the swimming pool industry, BP Commercial Pumps 3000rpm are modeled in a way that they can circulate large volumes of water at a low pressure hence maintaining a constant and reliable flow. This kind of feature is favourable for large swimming pools. The strainer lid is also designed to release water at quick intervals so as to ensure constant flow at a favourable pressure.

These pumps are designed to suit the swimming industry in that they can withstand a water temperature of 40 degrees celsius and a room temperature of 40 degrees celsius. They can also withstand a maximum pressure of 21 Bar with a total suction of 2 metres. With these features, the pumps are able to function well in a large busy swimming pool without breaking down.

This model of pump is made from materials that are highly resistant to corrosion, making them durable and highly functional. The materials are also strong enough to control large volumes of water without breaking down. Their shafts are also mechanically sealed to ensure that no water leaks through. The iron body of the pump is also favourable for the buyer as it ensures resistance to breakage as a result of water pressure.

Another special feature of BP Commercial Pumps 3000rpm is that they use the combination of air and water to create pressure to the prime. This is unlike standard pumps, which do not stand the pressure. The bronze impellers found in BP Commercial Pumps 3000rpm ensures that there is constant transfer of energy to the fluid, which accelerates the pumping process.

These pumps are reliable as they very rarely suffer breakage or blockage. They control the pressure of the water entering the swimming pool in a very efficient manner ensuring that there is a run of water throughout the period in which the swimming pool is in use, making them a fantastic purchase.

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