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Aquaspeed Pumps

The Aquaspeed domestic swimming pool pump is available in various sizes, with diameters from 0.5HP to 3HP .The single piece of fibreglass body allows it to withstand high water pressure. The pump has a high UV and corrosion resistance, which enhances protection rate.

The lid, with its clear appearance, ensures the pump’s basket can be inspected much more easily. The first seal is a 316 grade mechanical seal. It also comes with an upgraded pump motor protection when installed with secondary pump seal. This pump maximises hydraulic output while minimising turbulence and it fits perfectly under chlorinated environments. The pump comes complete with a two-connection bracket for easier installation. This pump is also approved by TUV.

The purchase of this Aquaspeed pump with a variable speed motor helps to reduce the pool running cost. This makes it highly suitable for both newly installed pools and retrofit pools. This pump has the ability to run on ultra-quiet mode, which gives the lowest noise level making it extremely comfortable for swimmers to use. There are three variable pump settings to the motor for efficient and cost effective performance.

Filtration, done for 99% of the time under its low speed setting, significantly reduces pump vibration, motor noise and turbulence. The medium speed setting is for the enhancement of auto-cleaners, making cleaning a lot easier compared to other pumps. The high speed setting is for vacuuming and back-washing, which provides maximum disposal of unwanted substances and bacteria within the pool. This gives the most effective cleaning level to the pool with the use of this pump.

The pump has been fully safety tested and meets all regulations, but yearly maintenance of the pump is highly encouraged to ensure it maintains its performance and safe operation. With all its features, the Aquaspeed pump is a fantastic purchase that provides good quality maintenance with no disruption to swimmers.

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