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Finding the right pool pump is vital for the ideal enjoyment of your swimming pool. Your pump will be doing a lot of the hard work of maintaining your pool, pulling water from the pool, pushing it through filters and then returning it back to the pool. Standard swimming pool pumps have three main parts: the motor, the hair & lint trap and the impeller.


Each of these parts play a role in pumping. The hair & lint trap is also referred to as the strainer basket. The strainer basket has a cover that provides access to it. The basket filters all the large pieces of debris. The diffuser then directs water to the impeller, and then collects water back from it. The impeller generates pressure for the water as the motor drives the impeller. During pumping, water goes into the basket, to the impeller, which spins, pushing water into the diffuser then out through the exit.


When buying a pool pump, it’s important to know the size of your pool so as to buy one that suits your pool best. Many times people buy bigger pool pumps with the thought that the bigger the pump is the more efficient it is. That is not always true. Often, all this does is increase operational costs and can sometimes lead to overriding your filters.


The general rule is to ensure you get a pool pump that fills your pool within an eight-hour period. This can be achieved by measuring your pool size and then calculating the number of gallons of water it can hold. Divide this number by eight to find how much should be filed in an hour. Then purchase a pump that can pump water at a similar pace.


Pool pumps also come in a variety of types and sizes. Some of them include; the single-speed pump, the double-speed pump and variable-speed pumps. As their names would suggest, the single speed has only a single speed (3450RPMs), the double speed can be changed from 1725RPMs to 3450RPMs, while the variable speed gives you the freedom to decide which speed you prefers. There are many options available as you make the right choice for which pool pump to purchase.

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