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Solar Blankets

A solar blanket is a special type of pool cover that is designed to trap and stop heat from leaving your swimming pool. With regard to appearance, they look similar to bubble wrap but the material used for these cover is usually a resin or polymer.

The main advantages of using a solar blanket are:

– Save on pool heating costs. Research done by a group of pool and spa experts show that a pool blanket can create up to a 15 degree difference in the amount of pool heat retained. This can translate into saving a lot of energy that would have been used to heat the pool.

– Provides additional functions. A swimming pool solar blanket also performs the same functions as an ordinary pool cover. Light debris such as dust, stones and leaves will not get into the water. Also, if you have a pool heater, it can trap the heat generated by the heater, further increasing efficiency.

– Save on maintenance costs. Solar blankets restrict the amount of pool chemicals that are lost to the atmosphere via evaporation. Additionally, by blocking out debris, it lightens the cleaning load, which leads to less expenditure.

The solar blanket should be placed on the surface of the pool with the bubble side facing downwards. The cover should be applied during any extended period the pool is not in use, obviously for an entire winter period, but also each night. This is because water loses heat at night when the atmospheric temperature is cooler, so you’ll be retaining the heat accumulated over the warm daytime.

These covers are light, economic and easy to use, and are a fantastic purchase for any pool to help keep it clean and save significantly on pool heating bills.

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