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Pool Cover Rollers

Keep your swimming pool warm and comfortable with the best range of swimming pool cover rollers. These solar cover rollers will make it easier for you to move your solar powered heating cover to the swimming pools. They are available for pools that are both in-ground and above the ground and are backed up by sturdy construction and great durability. The rollers also boast an impeccable design that simplifies the job of taking your pool cover up from or extended it out along the pool. 

The cover rollers come with a great, heavy-duty base that keeps it strong and stable. The telescopic pole kit further adjusts the width of the pool, making it easier to accommodate different kinds of pool covers. The product also comes with several straps and other attachment related hardware.

Using and operating these reels is simple, while cleaning them is also less hassle. The length of the reels can be adjusted and the wheels are big enough to help it turn from time to time. The rollers are also portable and easy to store. They last for years and are resistant to basic wear and tear.


– Strong, well-built and long lasting. 

– Comes with an impeccable and easily maneuverable design. 

– Equipped with a proper telescopic pole kit. 

– Has a strong, heavy-duty base. 

– The length of the reels is easily adjustable. 

– The device is low maintenance and easy to operate. 

– Available for pools that are either in or above the ground. 

– Equipped with straps and other attachments that are necessary for the hardware. 

– Being lightweight, the product is easier to carry. 

– Storing these cover reels is simple. 

Choose these cover reels to enjoy an easy way to manage your pool covers as they help with keep your pool water clean and retaining its heat. They are sturdy, well structured and immensely functional. 

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