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Swimming Pool Ladders

Swimming Pool Ladders are steps or stairs that are installed in a pool in order to aid a swimmer get in and out of a swimming pool with ease. They are usually installed along the sides of a pool, often in the corner, but are available in varying lengths and designs depending on your pool. Since they are not only functional, but also a safety device, the swimming pool ladders are usually made out of high grade stainless steel, aluminum or high grade plastic to guarantee they stand the test of time in water.

There are different types of swimming pool ladders, including the ‘A’ style ladder which are usually installed in an above ground swimming pool as one side is in the pool and the other side extends outside of the pool. The ‘A” style ladder is safe for children to use as their handrails on either side of the ladder. The vertical in-pool ladder is installed inside the pool and anchored on the edge of the pool edge. Most swimming pool ladders have rails or hand grips to ensure safety during usage.

Swimming pool ladders can obviously be designed in various sizes to suit the size and depth of your pool. The standard in-ground pool has a three or four step ladder, while the above ground pool usually has a five step ladder. The steps of the swimming pool ladders have grooves that aid the swimmer’s grip to ensure they don’t slip off. These ladders aren’t expensive, they’re easy to install and periodic maintenance is also affordable.

When considering the purchase of a swimming pool ladder, the swimming pool owner has to consider what will suit their pool best, where to place them, and how many ladders they will need in their pool. To ensure the safety of the ladder, the pool owner must check regularly that the swimming pool ladder is well and firmly anchored in order to avoid accidents while in use.

Overall, swimming pool ladders are a near essential purchase for every pool, and we have a fantastic range available for you to browse through.

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