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Pool Grating | Drain Grating

Gratings are fittings that are installed in a swimming pool when construction is taking place. Swimming pool gratings are installed running parallel to the edge of the swimming pool for the purpose of collecting overflow water and spillage water from the pool. The pool gratings cover the narrow and shallow channel that this water flows through.

The grating also operates as a safety measure to ensure that swimmers do not have accidents from open drains, channels or pools of water on the pool deck. Pool and drain gratings can be made from stainless steel or plastic based materials. Narrow strips or bars are joined together either on the edges or at the centre to form a tile or one continuous length of grating.

The gratings are used to cover the open channels and to facilitate the free flow of overflow and spillage water through the hallow or spaces that separate one bar from another. Like in the pool grating, the drain grating has a perforated cover through which water from the swimming pool deck can flow through. The drain grating is made from stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion resistant.

Pool and drain grating are manufactured to be non-slip and can withstand harsh climatic and water conditions without flaking, chipping or discolouration. Pool and drain gratings are available in many different colours. They can be used to enhance the swimming pool’s ambience and aesthetics since they will blend well with the swimming pool’s decor. Due to the different shapes and sizes of swimming pools, many owners prefer custom-made drain and pool grating.

Channels and drains that are covered with grating have to be cleaned once in a while by lifting the top cover of the grating. Maintenance is relatively easy, and ensures that your pool’s drainage will be reliable and is a big part of your water quality staying at the required level.

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