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Pool Coping

Swimming pool coping can be a great feature for the area immediately surrounding your swimming pool, blending seamlessly between the pool and its surrounding decking, paving or tiles. Not only does the presence of good quality coping stones add an aesthetic polish, it is also an extra layer of safety providing a durable non-slip border to the pool.

When swimmers are climbing out of or jumping into a pool, particularly children or elderly swimmers, it is very useful to have this layer of non-slip border that will provide grip and stability even when wet. It also offers stability for those climbing out of a pool when not using pool ladders or if your pool does not have a set of steps.

As with many other swimming pool features, coping stones are available in numerous designs, materials and styles. You may prefer a natural look, fashioned to be similar to gravel or stone, or you can choose a painted, pored and concrete coping. You can even add your own pattern, words or images to the stones to give them a truly unique customisation.

You may need advice on whether you should use plank coping or bull nose coping. Cantilever is usually used with stone, brick or concrete, and it will enlarge the rim of the swimming pool; the bull nose style is often used with decking. Pool coping styles are accessible in stonework, sandstone, marble, granite or even blue stone. The pool coping is naturally in tile layout and is cut to shape to the pool’s perimeter.

If you’re looking for a flat finish then you may want a honed-stone coping style. Standard pool coping raw material is a slightly more irregular surface. Ceramic tiles are also an extra option that provides innumerable patterns and color choices. Keep in mind that brick is the toughest coping material and can also be colored from light gray to dark red and black-browns. It’s worth remembering for outdoor pools, that darker shades of coping may heat up if they’re in direct sunlight.

Stone coping is an attractive and popular choice because of its robustness, beauty and safety. With the mixture of textures and colors, there are limitless options for your pool, and we have many great options available to purchase.

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