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Pool Drainage Channels

Each swimming pool requires proper maintenance and care, whether a domestic pool used occasionally or a commercial pool used hours a day. Swimming pool sanitation is a key part of this, and refers to all the activities aimed at maintaining healthy water conditions in a swimming pool. One of the main factors in this sanitation process involves the use of a proper pool drainage system.

Pool owners should look to maintain their pool water to be as clear, clean and bacteria-free as possible. Therefore, to maintain proper sanitation in a swimming pool, you’ll definitely need to install high quality pool drainage channels. There are various different options available, obviously allowing for variation in budget, pool size and the materials you want to use.

With the developments in quality, it’s certainly possible to find efficient and effective drainage channels that don’t harm the visual appeal of pool. The right way of choosing channels parts is systematic. First, the user must understand the architectural design of the swimming pool in which they intend to install the drainage channels. This helps the owner to pick channel installations that are easy to install and easy to connect with standard draining.

Swimming pool drainage channels come in different materials such as PVC, stainless steel or cast iron. Cast iron drainage channels do not last as long underwater due to rusting. The best two options are PVC and stainless steel channels. Pool owners should also consider the size of channel that will work best. 12″ channels offer more effective drainage than 5″ channels because they obviously have bigger open spaces to allow easy flow water. Wider channels have a lower probability of clogging than narrow drainage channels.

The size of the openings on the channels’ grates also matters a lot when it comes to drainage efficiency. These should be wide enough to allow the optimal flow of water, but not too wide, as they might pose a hazard to children getting their foot stuck in larger grate openings. Another key consideration is price, with most drainage channels priced per foot in length.

If you’re looking to purchase swimming pool drainage channels, or need any advice, please contact our staff. We can give you a quote and offer advice on how to get the best fit for you and value for money.

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