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Floating Ropes

Unsinkable, corrosion-resistant and in a range of sizes, our selection of floating ropes offer you great options for offering lane swimming in your domestic or commercial pool as well as offering additional safety for learner or less confident swimmers. They can be used in any pool and are one of the most popular and reliable items on the market, allowing us to put together a great range of affordable options for you to add another facility to the use of your pool.

There are several different sizes available on with the number and length of ropes you buy obviously dependent on the size of your swimming pool and how many lanes you want to run. The ropes are available with floating features made of several different materials, with foam and plastic being two of the most popular options on the market.

We also offer swimming pool floating ropes in different style designs depending on what your preferences are. You may want professional sleek one colour options if you’re commercial swimming is hosting clubs, races or competitions. Equally, you may want more colourful options for kid’s splash sessions or a home pool.

Our range of floating ropes are low cost, but highly durable. The ropes are very stable once fixed in place and can be used in the water for many years while maintaining their quality. Despite that strength and durability, they’re also fairly lightweight and can be moved in and out of the pool with ease if you need them in the pool for one session and then back out of it for the next.

Take a look through our range of floating ropes and select the one that best fits your needs, we’re confident you’ll find a great purchase.