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Heat Retention Covers & Blankets

About 70% of the heat lost in swimming pools is done through evaporation. When water evaporates it consumes heat when transforming from liquid to vapour. Outdoor swimming pools also lose a significant amount of heat through radiation and conduction. It’s highly recommended to swimming pool owners to find a good quality pool cover to reduce the rate of evaporation, retaining heat in your pool water and in turn saving on energy bills.

There are different types of swimming pool covers that can arrest the process of evaporation adequately. The solar blanket is a plastic sheet that is used to cover the swimming pool, either placed on or removed from the pool by hand, or with the aid of a reel to roll it on and off. The solar blanket has air filled bubbles, and when the sun’s rays heat up the air bubbles, the temperature of the pool water is increased by about 10%. It also lowers humidity in an indoor pool which in turn lowers the rate of evaporation and the pool’s heat is retained.

During winter, swimming pools are liable to loss of a lot of heat. Winter covers made from PVC and or reinforced vinyl are used to cover pools. They trap the heat inside the pool and enable the pool owner to reduce on their gas or electricity bill due to reduced heat loss. The pool cover is also a great way to keep the pool clean as it collects falling debris and makes it a lot easier to collect the next time you want to use your pool.

There is also the option of a liquid solar cover or blanket, which is a cover made from Isopropyl Alcohol. It is easily poured on the water surface of the pool where it floats as a tasteless, invisible and microscopic thin blanket on the water. When undisturbed the molecules of the liquid solar blanket reduce the evaporation process by about 50%. Any of these could prove an ideal purchase for your pool’s heat retention needs.