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Inflatable Pool Toys & Games

Inflatable toys will enhance any pool. From paddling pools through to large commercial pools, they can provide hours of enjoyment for the entire family. Inflatable pool toys such as rafts, rubber ducks, airbeds, beach balls and the like do the job of entertaining children for you and also bring out the playful side of many adults.

Many toys also have a secondary safety benefit. They may be enjoyed as games, but several of them are also flotation devices that children or less confident swimmers can hold onto for support. Prices vary greatly depend on what sort of toy or game you’re buying, but there are many affordable options for inflatable pool toys. Some can also be involved in the process teach young ones how to swim, while keeping them afloat.

Most inflatable pool toys require manual assistance; managing air levels and desired floating capacities. Larger toys may require air pumps. Make sure to check, as these are sometimes included with the toy but will usually need to be purchased separately.

When pumping up an inflatable pool toy, always keep the air pump away from children. This would prevent any unnecessary accidents or mishaps.

There are also various pool games, which are just like most other outdoor games but with the additional feature of being waterproof and most game items being able to float. Parental supervision is always an important factor when using any of these items. Many of them do provide a little support as flotation devices, but children or weak swimmers still need to be monitored and these items will also deflate a little over time.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of inflatable pool toys and games and that you find the ideal purchase to add further fun to your swimming pool setup.

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