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Domestic Slidelock Telescopic Reels

Set up your swimming pool covers flawlessly with these fantastic domestic slidelock telescopic reels. This reel system is strong, sturdy and boasts a unique design. It also comes with sections of telescopic tubing that can be slid and locked together. The ingenious lock fixing connects the tubing easily. The item is light-weight, durable and extremely easy to install.

Operating and using it is also hassle free. The reels are crafted from anodised aluminum and the edges of the stands are made from the best grade of stainless steel. The product is not only robust but is also flawlessly finished. The telescopic reels come with a steering wheel and a couple of plastic end bosses. While the small tubes have an extension of 3.05 to 4.57m, the large ones can be extended from 4.88 to 6.4m.

The reel is meant to set up in a way so that it overlaps utmost 0.3m on each side. It is crafted in such a way that the overlap of the covers is minimal. The slidelock system is a highly effective design that makes extending and retracting your pool covers easy and reliable. Equipped with two different reel stands, this reel system can either be bolted or screwed along the side of the pool.


– Strong and sturdy domestic reel system.

– Boasts an ingenious and easily maneuverable design.

– Telescopic tube has the feature of being slided and locked at the same time.

– The wheels are equipped with an anti-spin system that keeps locks tightly bolted.

– The cover holds a maximum area of 75 square meter.

– Equipped with both small and large extension tubes, which can be extended from

3.05 m to 4.57m and 4.88m to 6.4m flawlessly.

– Tubes are made of anodised aluminum and the stands have a stainless steel finish.

Purchasing one of these sturdy, robust and ingeniously designed telescopic cover reels is guaranteed to help you move your swimming pool covers easily and quickly.

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