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Domestic Bubble Covers

Swimming pool covers are offered for a wide range of applications in both summer and winter and are very beneficial to the pool owner as a means of easing the workload and expenditure that comes with maintaining a pool. While some covers help to keep your pool clean at night or in winter, others help the pool water retain heat and save on heating bills.

Many of the new covers are known as ‘bubble covers’ due to a series of air bubbles on the underside of the cover, which makes the cover more effective in retaining heat. They also help protect the cover against damage caused by air expansion, against UV rays and against pool water chemicals, all of which increase the cover’s lifespan.

The main types of swimming pool covers are as follows:

– Pool Solar Covers: Made using a high-grade plastic material that looks like a heavy duty bubble wrap. All of these covers will help to raise pool water temperature, and help to eliminate evaporation and heat loss. Evaporation accounts for 90% of heat reduction from pools. Usually used on domestic outdoor pools.

– Winter Covers: Most commonly manufactured using a mesh material that allows the rainwater to drain through, and webbing straps that tension and support the cover, preventing it from sagging into the pool water. Prevents leaves and other debris from sitting in the pool water, causing discoloring of the water and pool surfaces.

– Above Ground Pool Covers: Covers are available for small pools such as splash pools. The covers are usually at the bottom end of the thickness choices and are less robust. Debris covers that are solid plastic with a central drain are also available.

It is essential to measure your pool correctly to get a good fitting cover. Covers that do not fit the pool properly can wear more quickly and will not do their job very effectively. Unusual pool shapes may require specialist customization to ensure an exact fit for your bubble cover.