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Diving Boards & Deck Stands

You can enhance your swimming pool experience with a large variety of different equipment, but one of the most enjoyable is a diving board or deck stand. A diving board is an ideal initial choice if you are looking to add a fun item to your domestic pool or to add value to your commercial swimming pool, where adding several diving boards and deck stands make it more accessible to clubs and competitions.

 A few facts should be taken into consideration when choosing a diving board or a deck stand for your swimming pool. You should determine the dimensions of your pool before choosing your diving board or deck stand. This will enable you to select the adequate upgrade to your swimming pool. Consider specifically the deep end dimensions. After selecting the diving board dimensions, you have a selection between two main types of diving boards: Jump Boards and Dive Boards.

There is a considerable difference between these two types of boards. The jump board has a spring action. If you desire a spring action on your board for more elevation from the board then you should install this type. Otherwise you can install a standard dive board, which is more rigid and won’t off spring to project people upward from the board. Your choice of brands and suppliers also depend on the type of board you choose.

When choosing a diving board, you will have to decide among many choices in the market, each with different characteristics. Not every supplier specialises in both type of board, but we have gathered a selection of superior items for both style.

One other factor to consider is the weight capacity of the diving board. This will be important for the board’s longevity, and it’s useful to consider the size and weight of who will be using the board on a regular basis. The more weight it can hold, obviously the more durable it will be, but bigger boards will usually come at additional cost.

Once you’ve determined the ideal size and style for you, we are confident that any of our selection would make a fantastic purchase for taking your pool to the next level.