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Aquatronic Rollers | PVC Rollers

Instead of having to go through the process of having to roll out or haul back in your pool cover everytime you want to begin or finish using your pool, why not purchase a system that can do the hard work for you?

Extend and retract your swimming pool covers easily with one of our range of Aquatronic PVC rollers. These high quality mechanical pool cover rollers come with a specific control package that is able to offer reliability, simple operation and a luxury feel. These rollers are backed by a sturdy and strong structure that are resistant to wear and tear, making them an investment that should last for many years.

They will involve a bit of work with the initial installation, but once in place they’re straightforward for any user, and don’t require any additional hard wiring. The rollers can be plugged to the mains directly and they come with a powerful battery that allows constant power supply even during power disruptions. The front control panel of this item can be locked securely for preventing unwanted usage.

Crafted from the best grade materials, these rollers also come with a thermal cut out that prolongs their life and protects the motor. The finish of this product is slick and pristine, also coming with a large LCD display which is both easy to operate and easier to read. The device can be operated from the control panel or using remote keys. They also come equipped with a push/pull switch for the remote key.

Setting up and assembling this device is easy as it comes with a complete set of instruction manuals both in hard copy and the electronic format. The rollers can hold a cover of 25 m length and 112.5m2 cover size.


  • Crafted from high-grade materials to prolong use and resist to wear and tear.
  • Comes with a floor, wall and back mounting feature.
  • Front control panel of the system can be locked to prevent unnecessary usage.
  • Covers come directly from the roller tube, which doesn’t crease during operation.
  • Motor has a pre-set limit able to be adjusted for starting/stopping cover’s position.
  • The end brackets are supported by the UPVC housings.

The Aquatronic PVC rollers definitely provide a durable and high-quality service for all pool owners who want to apply and remove their pool covers with ease.